Logitech G25 Racing Wheel

A famous (budget) racing wheel, gearbox and pedal set

The G25 Racing Wheel was released into the world by Logitech on November 17th 2006. It's gathered a loyal following as a result of a quality wheel, pedal set (including a clutch pedal!) and H-pattern gearbox. These features aren't special on their own, but all combined into a single package that retailed for $299 (USD) made it a game changer for the novice racer.

G25 full set

Model G25 (G-Series)
Type Set
Includes Wheel, Gearbox & Pedals
Wheel Diameter 270mm (Small)
Force Feedback Yes (Dual Motor)
Launch Date Nov 2006
Price $299 (USD)

What's included

Wheel with two rear mounted flaps, H-Pattern gearbox that doubles as a sequential gearbox, and finally three sturdy pedals.