G-Series Wheel, Pedals & Gearbox

Logitech's claim to the novice market

The first G-Series Logitech released was the G25 in November 2006. This setup consisted of a solid leather bound steering wheel featuring two metal paddles for shifting and another two buttons on the front of the wheel. In later models, such as the G27 the button layout changed on the steering wheel.

It also came with a 6 speed H-pattern gearbox and reverse gear which has a nice feel to it. This gearbox also has an alternative mode in which it functions as a sequential gear stick. That feature combined makes it for a very economical starting kit.

Lastly we have the 3 pedals set which come with a sturdy base on which the metal pedals are mounted. Overall the design of the pedals stayed the same, although some details changed between the different iterations in the G-series.

Model Release Date Retail Price Wheel Size (Diameter) Compatibility
G25 Nov 2006 $299 (USD) 270mm (small) Wiki Chart
G27 2010 ? 270mm (small) Wiki Chart
G29 2015 $399 (USD) 270mm (small) G29 Chart


With such a wide user base, the G-series have quite a few ways to modify them. Especially the pedals can get a boost from something as simple as a half cut tennis ball behind the brake pedal to add some resistance. We can also get more fancy and look for after market rubbers or even a full set of springs.