Racing School

Invest in your Sim Racing Career and improve your race craft

We don't care if you are an experienced driver, or you just picked up your first wheel and are ready to kickstart your sim racing career. The SRR Racing School welcomes both newcomers and experienced drivers to improve their race craft.

Looking to improve your laptimes? These guides help you Get Faster one corner at a time.

Whether that's through better racing lines through those difficult corners, to improving your understanding of tires and grip levels, we got you covered!

Beginner Classes

Learn the basics, become a better racer

Whether this is the start of your Sim Racing Career or you've been racing for a while, learning the basics is always a great idea.

The classes and guides linked below cover the basics of Sim Racing and are a great starting point if you are ready to make Sim Racing a hobby you want to invest time into. These concepts are often simple, yet require a lot of practice to master. Don't let this put you off though, Sim Racing is a very rewarding hobby with great communities!

Sim Racing 101 - Learn to be consistent

Finish more races, get faster in the process

Car Setup 101 - How to setup your first car

Lot's of options, but which settings should I change?

Advanced Classes

Master the details, refine your racing

So you are familiar with a variety of sims and have raced and practiced on more circuits than you can remember, congrats! That's pretty cool! So you might ask yourself, where do I go from here? There's still a ton to learn and master, we're happy to provide some classes that will help you refine your race craft even more!