Fanatec Pedal Sets & Upgrades

Fanatec serves both the Casual and Enthusiast segment of the market with their offering of Sim Racing Pedals.

Fanatec is known for its build quality and sturdyness, which are great qualities when it comes to developing a set of pedals that can stand lap after lap as you practice or outbrake your opponents online.

Not familiar with Fanatec? Learn more about Fanatec and their Wheels & Bundles.

Fanatec Starter Pedals

Fanatec offers an affordable pedal set which consists of two pedals. This beginner set can later be upgraded with an additional pedal to complete this starter pedal kit.

Fanatec Starter Pedals

Their CSL Elite Pedals is perfect as a starter kit to get the metal build quality, without the (expensive) customizations and full featureness. Later when either the budget permits it or the racing bug is really starting to take form, you can upgrade this starter kit with Fanate'c new Load Cell kit which is essentially a brake pedal to add to your set of two. Now this where it gets interesting, the brake pedal you purchased replaces the existing one, which we don't throw away, instead move it to the left and use it as your new clutch pedal.

The separately sold brake loadcell is a genius move as it provides you with a setup that you cann build and invest in, one part at a time.

Fanatec Advanced Pedals

Let's say that racing bug we mentioned earlier has reaally nested and you are ready to accept your faith, well Fanatec wouldn't mind if you took a look at their luxurious ClubSport Pedals which have a ton of customizations you can make and comes with a loadcell of up to 90kg of force.

Fanatec Inverted Sim Racing Pedals

That's not all though, you can go further by flipping those pedals into the upside down position. Fanatec provides this as part of their ClubSport Pedals Inverted option, to tickle your feet.

Finally Fanatec also offers a Damper Kit for your Clubsport V3 pedals. This modification can be used on either the throttle or brake pedal of the V3 series' pedals. For the brake pedal it's meant to give you that haudraulic brake pedal feeling, while the gas pedal feeling is enhanced by simulating a real car's mechanic resistance.

Now that you have a good set of pedals, let's upgrade your racing seat and setup