Real Life Race Car Drivers on iRacing

Successful real life racing drivers compete online with sim racers

Wait, successful drivers make the jump to a sim? It's something that a lot of sim racers have been hoping for. Especially as over the years numerous people have made fun or disregarded sim racing on principle (and don't get us wrong, many still do!). However, seeing real life drivers jump in their virtual sim rigs (and wow, those rigs look neat.) and streaming it live on Twitch, is now a real thing.

Well known race car drivers who participate on iRacing

Below you will find a number of race car drivers who race online.

Fernando Alonso

The two time Formula 1 champion has also been quick on iRacing, to probably nobody's surprise. Fernando managed to win the 24 hours of Spa together with Rubens Barichello in the Ferrari 488 GT3.

Max Verstappen

The young Dutch driver has made quite the impact upon his Formula 1 debut, and even though the world knows he is quick, still Max had to go through Rookies in iRacing like everyone else. That doesn't mean he had any trouble getting out of Rookies and getting a second place in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup at Barcelona.

Lando Norris

Besides being an active Formula 1 driver, the young Brit is actively streaming on Twitch. From iRacing to Fall Guys, and from Among Us to Call of Duty, Lando is versatile and fun to watch.

The drivers listed above are just a start as there's plenty more drivers enjoying the close racing that iRacing has to offer.