Oh what a great wheel, we love the logitech G series for wheels. They are an absolutely no brainer when it comes to value and they can really help step up your game from more budget setups that often feature only two plastic paddles, as opposed to Logitech which ships these units with three quality paddles.

Now as the laps go on, you might want to improve your setup. You may have found out there's a whole range of wheels available. In this guide we want to show you what your next step could look like depending on your budget. Whether that's just a step where you even try to reuse some of your existing setup, or throw a bit more money at it and make more of a leap.

Next wheel upgrade on a budget

As opposed to going all out and buying a whole new set, why not try to keep the G series pedals for a while longer to not hurt your wallet as badly.

reusing your G25/G27/G29 pedals

Bullet point list of compatibility

Just upgrading your wheel

fanatec wheels

Thrustmaster wheels

Full set

Seats, Rigs and Accessories

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