So you've been enjoying yourself in the Skip Barber series, or have experience in open wheelers, and now you want something faster. The next step up. Where do you go? Great question, and that's actually not so easy to answer with the shear amount of open wheelers available on the platform.

Now first of all let me state that for a lot of people there is no such thing as 'graduating' out of the Skip Barber series. Many sim racers will race (competitively!) in this series for their career. It offers a high Strength of Field, lots of participation and races every hour. It is a very compelling offer. However, if you want something with a bit more oompf, perhaps a bit more speed, then luckily you got options. Although there's a lot...

Open Wheelers based on license

Now in order for you to have driven the Skip Barber, you either had a D license or a Rookie license with a Safety Rating of 4 or higher. Let's explore our options based on license eligibility. We will dive deeper into each individual car down below. There is also a [comparison table available]() which can help you pick the right one.

D license open wheelers

Formula Renault 2.0

The [Skip Barber]() should need no introduction at this point, but beyond that fun light weight, what else can we hop into? We have the [Formula Renault 2.0]() at our finger tips which runs certainly faster with its 210 bhp, 60 more than the Skip Barber. Now that doesn't sound like that much extra power, but keep in mind that the Formula Renault 2.0 car weighs only 506 kg (1115.5 lbs), which is less than the Skip Barber which weighs in at 567 kg (1,250lb). Then there's the 7 speed sequential gearbox over the Skip's 5 speed sequential gear box. It all starts adding, without even touching on perhaps the biggest differentiator between the two, the added downforce. The (actual) front wing and aero package work wonders and will significantly increase your cornering speeds. All this makes the Formula Renault 2 for a nice jump in your single seater iRacing career.


What's next? Will we see any full electric cars such as Formula E? Also don't forget about the actual Formula 1 car to get a real challenge.

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