About Sim Racing Rigs

The legal bits, thank yous and other mumbo jumbo

Sim Racing Rigs was created as a resource for those researching their next wheel, pedal set or racing seat. The vision is a clean experience with unbiased information to help make better purchasing decisions. When following Simon Sinek's start with why philosophy (or exercise).

Why? Everyone should be able to enjoy or at least try simracing.

What? Encourage or enable people to get behind a (sim) racing wheel

How? Inform (future) Sim Racers on hardware and racing sims, combined with tips & resources to help them get out on the track.

Ads & Affiliation Disclaimer

We don't like distracting ads or banners, so won't feature any. With that said, there might be affiliate links added in the future. If you don't like those, we will try to include a non affiliate link wherever possible.

Google Analytics Tracking

Sim Racing Rigs uses Google Analytics to gain insight into the performance and statistics of Sim Racing Rigs as a platform and its audience. If you don't like being tracked online, we understand and we recommend installing Google's opt out plugin.

No hard feelings, we promise.

Accuracy of information

Although we strive for correct information across Sim Racing Rigs, we're only human and mistakes may happen. We always recommend to verify any specs or features on the manufactures' website. Sim Racing Rigs accepts no responsibility from any purchase or usage of a product that might result in a negative outcome. If you find something on Sim Racing Rigs that's incorrect, please do let us know and we will do our best to correct it as soon as possible.

Want to get in touch?

Whether you want to point out a mistake, ask a question or just say hello. You can always reach out to us. We may not always respond, but please rest assured as the feedback is greatly appreciated!

Special Thanks

Sim Racing Rigs is running on Grav. Huge thanks to RocketTheme for creating Grav and making it open source.