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Sim Racing Rigs helps you research your next wheel, pedal set or any sort of Sim Racing Hardware. We also offer guides and a lot of information on racing sims, like iRacing to help you go faster and get more out of your sim racing gear.

Wheels & Sets

Looking for a brand new set of wheel and pedals? We've got you covered. Check out the Logitech G-series Wheels overview for a good starter set, while our Fanatec Wheels & Bundles overview gives you a peek into the enthusiast category.

If you are looking for a new Wheel or Bundle, check out our Wheels & Bundles Overview.

Besides the a full set, you can also opt to go for the modular approach. Upgrade, or purchase, one piece at a time to acquire your optimal setup. One thing to note with this strategy is to always make sure your gear is compatible.


Don't underestimate a good set of pedals. They can help you reduce your laptimes by shaving off time in the braking zones. A good brake pedal will do wonder for your confidence and performance under braking.

Looking for a set of pedals? Check out the Sim Racing Pedals Overview

Sim Racing Games

Got the hardware, but looking for the right software to test its limits? Check out the Racing Games & Racing Sims overview to help you pick your next favorite racing sim to master. Wheter it's something more pick up & play or the Online Racing Service iRacing.

iRacing Assetto Corsa more Racing Games

NEW - We just added pages on iRacing's iRating, Races going 'official', and Week 13.

Popular Content

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VR Hardware & Guides

Looking to get the full immersion and feel like you sit inside the car with a helmet on? VR might just be the next best thing to racing in real life on track.

Here at Sim Racing Rigs we think VR is definitely the future of full immersion Sim Racing. Visit our VR Sim Racing Overview to learn more.

Links & Resources

There are a ton of great websites, communities and forums out there, but they aren't always as easy to find. Especially when looking for those hidden gems. We started the Resources & Links for Sim Racers which offers a ton of links to those hidden gems.

Frames & Cockpits

There's nothing like sitting ijn a real bucket sim racing seat and have upside down mounted pedals. Our Sim Racing Frames & Cockpits caters to both the Casual & Budget Sim Racer with its DiY setup, while the Enthusiast segment can enjoy more advanced Cockpits, Dashboards and build quality of their setup.

Racing School

Want to go faster and finish more races? Check out our very own Sim Racing School to improve your laptimes and results!

Looking to get started racing online? Check out our Racing Sims Overview to push your wheels and pedals to the limit.

Future plans

In the future we will look to add a variety of content that hopefully helps you go faster and have more fun such as:

In the meantime, you can find out more about Sim Racing Rigs by checking out our dedicated About us page.