Racing in Virtual Reality

Sit inside the car for the ultimate immersion with VR

Besides having a steering wheel in your hands, the ultimate way to get immersed into your favorite driving game is by adding a VR headset to your loadout.


Affordable and the best bang for buck when it comes to enjoying your racing games.

Unless you already have a VR headset and a capable gaming rig, adding VR to your setup isn't a cheap option. Although we highly recommend it, be prepared to shell out well over $1000 to obtain both a VR headset as well as a Graphics Card powerful enough to run it.


High quality products and more custom builds, with their respective price tags and DiY efforts.

So you already have that polished setup, perhaps even triple monitors, where do you go from there? VR is a great way to add to the immersion and fun that driving provides us with.


The sky is the limit kind of category with a price tag focused on the business & enterprise side, better dig deep.

At this level we can look at more custom VR headsets and since we are in the Pro & Custom category the price shouldn't be a hurdle. Get ready for some really cool, and expensive, technoloy!